Sea swimming with a Swim Buoy

When you're swimming in the sea, a swim buoy is a great way to stay safe.

Swimming in the sea is an amazing experience, you get to immerse yourself in mother nature and feel the water, the wind, and the waves as well as getting a real sense of freedom as you glide through the water. Sea swimming or open water swimming is a great experience for so many people and it's a great way to get fit! But like any other sport, there are risks – even if you’re a competent swimmer you should always think about your safety first.

Sea swimming with a buoy

  • Swim buoys are inflatable rings that you wear around your waist during your swim so that if you get tired or in trouble, you can grab onto the buoy and stay afloat. This swim aid can also help keep swimmers from getting too close to dangerous areas of the ocean.
    Orange swim buoy, women standing on beach in yellow changing robe holding swim buoy
  • The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a swim buoy is probably not “fun”. But if you’re someone who loves open water swimming and wants to be as safe as possible while doing it, then a swim buoy is a essential piece of your swimming kit. Swimming with one may not be your idea of fun, but it can make all the difference in an emergency situation.

Swimming buoy helps keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying the sea.

Swimming buoys, also referred to as swim secure tow floats, are devices used by swimmers due to its safety, simplicity and effectiveness.

Swim buoys:

Bearhug | Sea Swimming Orange Swim Buoy
  • Designed specifically for use in open water to provide security and extra support
  • Leave plenty of room to swim around freely without sacrificing mobility or flexibility
  • Great help if your learning how to swim in open water or just want some extra support
  • Provide an added layer of security that can make all the difference if you find yourself struggling against currents or waves.
  • Great for taking part in other outdoor recreational activities such as kayaking or fishing from the shoreline.

A swim buoy (tow float) is a key piece of swim equipment

  • The sea is an amazing place to swim however, open water swimming isn’t without its dangers. Even if you’re a competent swimmer who follows all the advice you’ve been given and swim with a buddy it’s still important that everyone can see where you are.
  • Designed specifically for open water swimming, it is loved by swimmers as it is incredibly lightweight and flexible, easily sits securely around a swimmers stomach area leaving both arms free to let you swim with confidence. This creates almost no resistance as you swim, and is usually brightly colored for easy sighting.
  • If you need a break you can rest your arms on the float in the water or if something goes wrong you have a means of stay aloft in the water and get other swimmers and onlookers attention and wait for help.
  • There are lots of things that could happen while you’re swimming: you might get tired, or get caught in a current and carried away. In either case, having a safety device like this on hand can help you stay safe and out of harm’s way until help arrives.
  • The sea is a beautiful place to swim, but it can also be dangerous. Swimming in the sea can be a fun way to get some exercise and enjoy the sun, but it's 
Bearhug | Swim Buoy Orange with waist strap in mans hand
  • important to be safe when you're swimming in any water. Swimming with a buoy is a great way to keep yourself and your family safe while enjoying the ocean.
  • There are many things that could go wrong in open water, but one of the most common is getting caught in a riptide. A riptide is an area where the current flows at right angles to the shoreline, forming waves that break on beaches when they reach shallow water. Riptides can be very dangerous because they pull swimmers further out to sea without them knowing it, meaning they might not realise they should start swimming back towards land until it's too late or they get tired and panic which only makes things worse.
  • Another danger of open water swimming is getting stung by jellyfish! Jellyfish sting because their tentacles contain special cells called nematocysts which release tiny darts called barbs when touched by prey or predators like humans (which we often call "stingers"). The barbs latch onto human skin and release chemicals into our blood stream causing pain similar to what people feel when stung by fire ants or wasps!
  • If you're a beginner swimmer, then there are a few things you should know about swimming with a buoy. It's always important to stay safe in the water, but if you're not used to swimming or if you have any health issues, it's doubly important to make sure that you're wearing a life jacket when you go into the sea.
  • A challenge for sea swimmers is always where to leave there personal belongings while swimming. House keys, car keys, phone, clothes; do you just leave on the shore and assume they will be there when you get back?
  • Some swim buoys actually double up as a dry bag called Buoy 'N' Bag!
  • Bearhug | 2-1 Dry Bag and Swim Buoy Orange with waist strap
  • No need to leave your things unattended at the beach or shore - when this type of tow bag is fully deflated you can add your personal belongings. Then inflate and you're good to go - swimming, SUPing, whatever you choose.  



Although open water swimming is incredibly rewarding, it’s important that swimmers who choose to do so are prepared for the elements. It’s always best to swim in a group and with a buddy, but the swim buoy or float is an essential piece of swimming kit for anyone who heads out to sea or any open water.

It will help you stay afloat and make sure that if anything happens (like being pulled under by a current), there's something else there to help support your weight until someone can come rescue you. The Bearhug baby buoy swim float with its fluorescent orange colour, versatile design, and compact size you can be confident that can keep safe without interfering with your swim and everyone will be able to keep their eye on you at all times.

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