Best Festival Coat? Forecast to rain at Electric Picnic this weekend ☹ We have the answer to keep you dry, and carry on.

It's Electric Picnic this weekend, and you need a good waterproof coat? 

We've got the answer to keep you dry and carry on.

Weather is looking like rain for the whole weekend - no doubt some sunshine might show up but definitely going to need a good waterproof coat. So what is the best festival coat or jacket?  

The perfect festival jacket has to be a thermal parka from Bearhug.

  • It’s waterproof, so you can keep dry in the rain and stay warm if it gets chilly.
  • The inner fleece lining is synthetic lambs wool fleece, which is incredibly soft and comfortable to wear.
  • It also features hidden inner waist pockets for those times when you need to stash your phone or wallet somewhere safe while you dance all night long.
  • Both outer pockets are roomy enough to fit an entire bottle of water (or adult beverage), while the large outer pockets are fleece lined for extra cosiness. 
  • With a full length zip, this coat will keep out even the harshest rain and winds, whilst your enjoying listing to the amazing music, grabbing some food or hanging out at the camp site
  • Designed and suitable for both men and women.

So if you are looking for a great looking festival coat that will keep you warm in any weather conditions then a Bearhug thermal parka's should be your first choice! 

As it due to be a rain EP this year, we've picked out some of our favourite 'Embrace the Wild' collection in our shop right now for you. It’s essential you have the right gear so you can enjoy the whole experience without having to go change just as you favorite act takes to the stage.

Bearhug Embrace the Wild Thermal Parka Red

Our top quality waterproof coats are unisex and are designed  in Ireland to keep you warm and dry, great for camping and festivals and side line at sporting events.

Bearhug thermal parkas coats (some times refereed to as dryrobes) are the perfect piece of kit for any outdoors festival goer. Tested in the harshest of Irish weather conditions, our versatile parka's allow you to Embrace the Wild!

  • Water & Wind proof outer shell

  • Top quality synthetic lambs wool fleece interior 

  • Zipped inner chest pocket to keep your stuff safe 

  • Hidden inner waist pockets - keep your values safe!

  • Large outer fleece-lined pockets 

  • Full length zip to keep out the elements 

  • Cosy hood for rainy days

  • Comes with string carry bag so easy to transport if the sun does decide to appear! 

This thermal parka is the perfect festival coat for Electric Picnic!


You can choice from our full range of colours – Black, Navy, Yellow, Red, blue and more.

There is a large selection of colours available to choose from, including black, grey, green, navy, red, purple or pink.

If you want your friends to be able to spot you in the crowd and find you easily, chose from our bright colour range including yellow and royal bright blue.

Bearhug Yelllow and Blue Thermal Parka

The robes are designed to be large and loose fitting for your comfort and ease of use. Need to find what size is best for you?  Have a look at at our size guide.

Campaign at EP?

Camping is a great way to experience the festival. It's also a great way to meet new people and allows you to get into the spirit of the event by hanging out with like-minded people who are just as excited about the event as you are. What you don't want is to be cold and wet, it takes away from the whole experience.  Ponchos just don't cut it in Irish weather!

Showering when its cold and wet, along with long lines can be real challenge. You can utilize your new parka, designed to be large firring it has with enough room to easily change clothes underneath. Its a great way to keep private in a very busy area and stay warm while you changing and keep you dry going back to your tent.


Bringing the kids to the Electric Picnic?

Bringing the kids along to enjoy EP also. Need to them dry and warm and easily seen in a bright colour? No worries we have kid thermal parka's just for them. 


The Bearhug Robes range of thermal parkas are perfect for festivals, camping, out door sporting events or original reason - sea swimming . The high quality double layer waterproof fabric will keep you dry in all weather conditions and protect your from the wind. The parka comes in a range of colours and sizes so you can find the perfect fit and colour.

Get EP ready! Are you ready to get your hands on our new Bearhug Robe?

  1. You can pick one up in person at our store in Cafe De Journal in Monkstown Dublin


  2. Order from our online store right here

Happy EP everyone!

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